How renewable energy can work for your application.

Our Process:

To begin the process of procurement and installation of a renewable energy system for your application, a team member from Streamline Renewables will contact the client to begin gathering information about the prospective system site or recreation application. During this period we will provide answers to any questions posed by the client as well as determine a rough estimate of the project cost or provide a working budget for the project.

To come up with a rough estimate for a rooftop, ground, or recreational solar installation, we will inquire the following information:

• Client’s reason(s) for interest in a solar PV system (offset hydro costs, net-zero emissions, electricity for off-grid structure, renewable energy for recreational purposes, environmental stewardship, etc.)
• Address of prospective system site or type of recreational application
• Age and condition of roof if applicable, slope/pitch, type of materials used on roof (composite, tile, metal, etc…)
• Obstacles on roof if applicable (plumbing stacks, chimneys, skylights, attic vents, etc…)
• Energy consumption history of prospective system site from utility supplier over a 1 year period if applicable. (BC Hydro, Fortis) If energy consumption history is unavailable, we will try to determine a consumption estimate based upon sqft. and purpose of the structure.
Once enough information is acquired, we will present the client with a proposal, including a graphical representation of what their property may look like with a solar system installed.
If the customer is happy with the consultation and initial proposal, Streamline Renewables may request to perform a site assessment to confirm the information already gathered, as well as to obtain more information to produce a comprehensive project quotation.
Remaining information needed includes, but is not limited to:
• Amount of available unobstructed space on roof or ground in any south western, southern, or south eastern facing direction (A northern facing roof can provide difficulties and may not be recommended)
• Current electrical service to property if prospective site is tied into utility grid (100A, 200A, 400A)
• Space remaining in electrical main service panel to insert breakers
• Electrical wiring route options from the solar system to existing electrical service panel
• Delivery access to property for project equipment
• Roof accessibility
For new construction, a system can be designed based upon the architectural drawings.

The site visit is an ideal time for the customer to express any other concerns they have related to the project.
Once the site visitation is complete, Streamline Renewables will gather any remaining information in order to provide a comprehensive quote based upon a system designed specifically for your roof, ground space, or recreational application, budget, and electricity needs. The quote will include equipment and materials expected to be used, as well as hours of labour, permit fees, etc…
Streamline Renewables takes care of all the permitting required (electrical, building and/or development permits, as well as net metering, etc…) and the application to inter-connect the system to the utility grid if the application is grid-tied.
Once the previous steps are completed, Streamline Renewables experienced team members will install and provide setup of solar PV system monitoring. If the customer is around at the time of the installation completion, Streamline Renewables will provide an in-depth tutorial on accessing and using the monitoring system installed in the project.

If the customer is unavailable, an email will be sent with details and instructions on how to operate the monitoring system.

Streamline Renewables strives to be as minimally invasive as possible when installing a solar PV system. We respect the client’s property and aim to leave the job site in the same or better condition than we found it.

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